“We have protected our  tradition, “z’dežele”.”

Many years of experience and investment in knowledge have brought us among the top producers of meat and meat products. Traditional taste has made our products indispensable among traditional gourmet delights of Slovene culinary treasures.

Who are we today?

The company Celjske mesnine has  tradition and rich experience dating back to 1899. In that year in the town of Celje, which was a heart of a fertile valley of Savinja, the first town slaughterhouse with a large cold-storage room and its own ice production was established



Offer of our products reflects customers’ preferences and requirements of the modern European market. We are modern company with an up-to-date slaughter line, a meat cutting plant, plants producing scalded products, durable products and other meat products, Their quality is in accordance with requirements of HACCP, ISO and IFS standards. We are also a certified manufacturer of HALAL products.



By launching a brand “z’dežele” (“from the country”), and by our own retail network and over 350 employees, we are today at the top of the biggest manufacturers of meat and meat products. We produce 20,000 tons of various products annually.


Customers’ satisfaction with our product assortment and their high- quality and natural traditional flavour are our most important long-term goals and our basis for participation in global trade flows.


Chronology of the company



1899     Our roots

In Celje, the centre of the fertile valley of Savinja , the first municipal slaughterhouse was established.  At that time, the slaughterhouse was equipped with modern cold storage room and had its own steam engine for production of ice.



1930 The first modernisation

 The steam engine was replaced by electricity, therefore the slaughterhouse was completely modernised and consequently the performance of the coolers was increased.

1959  Merger of three companies into Mesnine Celje

 The companies Podjetje za promet in predelavo mesa mesnine Celje, Planina and Mestna klavnica merged into company Mesnine Celje.

1962  Incorporation in  agricultural group of firms  Žalec

The company was renamed into Hmezad, Celjske mesnine.

1963  Relocation

The need for increasing of capacity led to the construction of a new slaughterhouse at the present location.  The new facilities enabled the transition to the industrial mode of production.

1990 Celjske mesnine

After disintegration of Hmezad, Celjske mesnine transformed into single company.

1996 Transformation into the company limited by shares, Celjske mesnine d.d.

1997 The trademark “z’dežele” was launched on the market


2000 By modernisation of facilities for slaughtering of cattle and pigs, annual capacity increased to 30.000 heads of cattle and 50,000 pigs.

2003 Starting of production for processing of durable and scalded meat products

A 11,000 m² large single plant placed the company among the leading meat industries in terms of size. S

2004 Modernisation of the plant unit for cutting meat in small pieces and making packages of meat ready for use.

2005  Renovation and modernisation of boiler- and engine rooms

2006 Investment in production – packing of cold cuts

2007 After a fire, complete renovation of all cold-storage rooms and automation of transport routes followed

2008 Completion of storage facilities for fresh meat products

Increasing of ripening capacity of durable meat products

2010 Investment in the acquisition of the prosciutto producing plant Pršutarna Lokev in the region  of Karst.


“The company course”Z’dežele. Homemade. We have protected  tradition.

Due to dried meat delicacies of top-quality  and exceptional taste, our company is among the best manufacturers of meat products.  Years of experience, great skills and touch of tradition are prerequisite for excellence and naturalness of the meat specialties, which are essential for gourmet pleasures and are part of the Slovene culinary treasury.


“The company course”

Strategy, vision and business plans.

By building up of the brand “z’dežele” the company strives to be recognized on the domestic and foreign markets. We would like to draw customers’ attention to  Slovene origin of the meat, prepared according to traditional recipes. The company is focused on building up of its reputation in the global markets as a company with meat products of excellent geographic origin and prepared in the most traditional and natural way possible. The company strives to be effectively engaged in global trade flows as an equal partner with its own brands development.