Pasteurized meat products are heat-treated delicacy products, made of top-quality fresh beef and pork meat, bacon, meat batter with spices, stuffed into artificial or natural casings.  Their preparation requires a lot of knowledge, which gives our delicious products touch of tradition and naturalness.

aspic sausage
Brawn sausage of beef, pork meat and skin, which are held together by jelly.
Shelf life: 21 dni
Keep at temperature up to +4ºC
Packing: 500g (Ø60)

mini hotdogs
hot-dog sausage
blood sausage
cocktail sausage
sausage for frying
kranjska(carniola) sausage
grill sausage with peppers
grill sausage
ham for pizza
cooked prosciutto
¨ko-ko¨ cchicken sausage
¨krantz¨ sausage
sandwich sausage
french sausage
ham sausage
ham in casing
tyrolean sausage
sausage for cooking
¨hop¨ sausage
special sausage