Preserved meat products are traditional Slovene products made of high-quality fresh meat. Their traditional processing requires a lot of knowledge and experience that give the dried meat products touch of tradition and naturalness.

beef prosciutto
Air-dried and salted pieces of baby-beef with mixture of local spices and with intense smoke aroma. Excellent delicacy for those who prefer beef.
Shelf life: 120 days
Keep at temperature up to +10 ºC
Packing: 1/1 VP, 1/2 VP, A10

bosnian sudžuk
bosnian sudžuk with peppers
Dry pork loin
savinjski želodec (alpine salami)
original kulen with pepperoni
homemade¨Zašinek¨(dry pork neck)
kulen with pepperoni
ungherese(old hungarian) salami
tea sausage
count’s salami
sremska sausage
homemade panceta
dry homemade salami