Preserved meat products

Dry homemade salami

Classically dried salami from pork and bacon, made according to traditional recipe from the region of Styria. Its excellent taste is created by a secret mixture of local spices, garlic and whole peppercorns.


Savinjski želodec (alpine salami)

This is classically dried preserved meat product with a special taste, made of pork meat and bacon according to traditional recipe from the region of Styria. It’s seasoned with garlic, pepper and salt, and it’s dried in specially designed corners which give it typical flat form.

Gluten-free; Lactose-free


Homemade¨Zašinek¨(dry pork neck)

Classically dried and cleaned pork neck. According to traditional method it’s matured for a longer period of time to obtain its characteristic fragrance. A special feature of the homemade zašinek is a beautiful marbled pattern in the cut.


Homemade panceta

Classically dried bacon. Pork paunch meat is matured according to traditional method and has a significant aroma and flavour.

Count’s salami

It’s made of high-quality and finely minced pork meat. Because of its light taste and mild aroma it’s suitable for any occasion.

Original kulen with pepperoni

Salami made of pork meat and red peppers, made according to an old recipe from Slavonia (Croatia). Due to red peppers it is characteristically orange-red with slightly spicy taste. Since it’s typically packed in natural casing, it has a special form and size.

Tea sausage

Sausage made from finely minced pork meat and with characteristic aroma and mild flavour.