Semi-durable meat products

Kraljica mortadella

The mortadella Kraljica can be cut into small cubes and served as a starter or as a snack with cocktails, cut into cubes you can add them also to pasta and mixed salads or put them into a pita bread. Or you can cut them into thin slices, the thinner the slices, the more delicious they are, especially in fresh bread rolls.

Andraž flower

The salami Andraž is made from pork and beef. The special feature of the product is that the mincemeat mass is stuffed into netted casings and the cross section of the product resembles a flower. The salami in the form of a flower will convince you with its shape, its exquisite taste and the selected spices. It is indispensable for cold cuts and sandwiches in combination with cheese.

Kranjska(carniola) sausage

Very juicy traditional Slovene semi-durable sausage with strong smoke aroma. It’s made according to traditional recipe. Selected minced meat and bacon are stuffed in natural casings. Traditional appearance is reached by a wooden skewer, which closes each sausage pair. Carniola sausage is  of protected geographical origin, it is hand-made and skewered.

Tyrolean sausage

It’s a well-known aromatic sausage made of chopped up pork meat and beef with visible pieces of bacon and gentle taste of cumin.

Ham in casing

It’s mildly spiced high-quality delicacy made of pieces of pork meat.


Wurst aus gehacktem Schweinefleisch mit sichtbaren Speckstücken.

¨ko-ko¨ chicken sausage

Finely ground scalded chicken sausage.

¨hop¨ sausage

High - quality sausage of chopped up beef and pork meat, twisted in double ring. The sausage is very juicy and suitable for immediate use, cooking or frying.


Finely minced scalded sausage formed in pairs with mild smoke flavour. It's stuffed in natural casings. The sausage is suitable for cooking or frying.

Hot-dog sausage

Finely minced scalded sausage formed in pairs with mild smoke flavour. The sausage is suitable for cooking or frying.

Cooked prosciutto

Mildly spiced and excellent fat-free delicacy of whole pork leg.

Ham for pizza

Delicacy made of pieces of pork meat in significant square shape.

Aspic sausage

Brawn sausage of beef, pork meat and skin, which are held together by jelly.