“We have protected our tradition, “z’dežele”.”

Many years of experience and investment in knowledge have brought us among the top producers of meat and meat products. Traditional taste has made our products indispensable among traditional gourmet delights of Slovene culinary treasures

Who are we today?

The company Celjske mesnine has tradition and rich experience dating back to 1899. In that year in the town of Celje, which was a heart of a fertile valley of Savinja, the first town slaughterhouse with a large cold-storage room and its own ice production was established.

Offer of our products reflects customers’ preferences and requirements of the modern European market. We are modern company with an up-to-date slaughter line, a meat cutting plant, plants producing scalded products, durable products and other meat products, Their quality is in accordance with requirements of HACCP and IFS standards.

By launching a brand “z’dežele” (“from the country”), and by our own retail network and over 450 employees, we are today at the top of the biggest manufacturers of meat and meat products. At the annual level the modern plant produces 13,000 tons of fresh meat and 7,000 tons of products, of which 2,000 tons are durable products.

Customers’ satisfaction with our product assortment and their high- quality and natural traditional flavour are our most important long-term goals and our basis for participation in global trade flows.


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    Selected quality

    In the company Celjske mesnine d.o.o. we mark all beef products with the label Selected Quality.

    We are aware that the quality of the products is most important, and therefore we are the proud owner of the certificate Selected Quality, which offers consumers quality assurance, traceability, control and provenance.

    BestBuy AWARD

    Freshly packaged meat is marked with the label Best Buy Award, a protected award for the best price-quality ratio, which is well known and recognized both in Slovenia and in Europe.


    Hot dogs z’dežele achieve the highest quality on the Slovenian market according to the choice of the customers. This is also confirmed by the Qudal study, which was conducted in January 2018 with a sample of 1,200 Slovenian residents. The QUDAL program is supported by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS. The Qudal sign, which you can see at the hotdogs z ‘dežele, is awarded to products and services that offer consumers the highest level of quality, according to a scientific market survey conducted with the innovative method QUDAL-Quality-DEEPMA. The essential thing is that the respondents themselves provide answers to the questions asked, thus ensuring the highest credibility of the answers. On all store shelves you will find our hot dogs z’dežele, which are the number one in quality.